"By switching from Amazon Fresh to Apple-A-Day, we are saving $150/month. The fruit is more fresh and flavorful, and the apple fridge is a big hit." - Prime Electric, Bellevue, WA

"Apple-A-Day has been a fantastic way to thank the businesses we work with. After each delivery, I receive multiple e-mails and phone calls from the recipients thanking me for the gift. The Apple-A-Day staff is extremely professional and interfaces well with both my team and the recipient’s team to deliver a quality product. I am extremely happy with the service provided." - Business Development Manager, American Construction, Tacoma, WA (see our gift service here)

"In the last few months we have added Apple-A-Day at the office. I've lost 6 pounds by simply changing my snacking habits. It has been very convenient to have fresh, crisp apples here all the time."  -Thane Phelan, Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce

"Having the convenience of fresh apples has really helped us stick to our diet and exercise goals. When we are craving sugar or feeling sluggish later in the day we hop over and pick up a chilled apple from the fridge. Fresh selection + convenience = satisfied customers."  -Shaina Magat, Nordstrom HQ, Seattle, WA

"The apples that are being supplied for the Apple-A-Day program are crisp and very tasty. Our employees enjoy the healthly option as opposed to vending machines."  -CH2M HILL Employee, Plateau Remediation Company Richland, WA

"Working in Employee Benefits, I recognize the value of having healthy options every day. Having a service like Apple-A-Day has been a perfect complement to our wellness initiative within the office. Now, instead of our employees reaching for candy or chocolate, they reach for a cold, crisp Washington apple. Enough so that we had to up our weekly allotment!" -Parker, Smith & Feek Employee, Bellevue, WA

"Our customers just love it; we have guys coming in first thing in the morning reaching for an apple."  -Satisfied Customer, Inland Pipe and Supply, Yakima, WA

"The apple fridge was installed and filled at 10 am on Monday and it was empty before 2pm the same day"  -Admin Specialist, Puget Sound Energy, Bothell, WA