Fresh Fruit



 - Small Fridge: 24 apples stocked into fridge:

                         = $25.15 / delivery ($109 per month)

- Large Fridge: 48 apples stocked into fridge:

                          = $48 / delivery ($208 per month)


Not vending machines. Fridges keep apples cool & crisp. Easy access to a healthy snack!  

*One time $75 maintenance fee required for damages, replacement or service needs.  

Seasonal Fruit

- 24 servings stocked into kitchen:

       = $25.15 / delivery ($109 per month)

- 48 servings stocked into kitchen: 

       = $48 / delivery ($208 per month)

- 72 servings stocked into kitchen:

       = $70.85 / delivery ($307 per month)


4-5 seasonal varieties - bananas, pears, oranges, peaches, cherries etc. whatever's best in season!    

Sample Fruit Order

Apple fridge stocked with 24 apples + 48 servings of seasonal fruit 

              = $70.85, 72 total servings.


  • A $5 delivery fee for all orders less than 48 servings. 
  • YES! We have larger quantities available. Shoot us an e-mail. 
  • Apples will be included in the seasonal fruit basket (if apple fridge is not ordered). 


We bill our customers on the 5th of every month. Customers can pay via credit card, ACH or personal check. Prices are based on an annual average cost, meaning monthly bills will remain constant. 

An email confirmation will always be received after an order is processed and paid. If a business ever would like to cancel the service at any time, please just let us know before the next month begins.