Apple Picking!

It's an exciting time of the year for Washington State's agriculture... It's apple harvest time!

Washington State is the largest producer of apples in the nation with nearly three out of every five apples in the U.S. come from Washington. The warm, arid climate of central and eastern Washington is what makes apples thrive. Apple harvesting begins mid-August and ends in early November. Between 10-12 billion apples are handpicked in Washington every year. I read that if you put the apples picked in one year alone side-by-side, they would circle our planet 29 times... Now THAT is a lot of apples!

One of our clients recently asked me if he and his kids could go to an apple orchard and pick apples as a family activity. I assumed they could do that but I wasn't certain. After doing some research, there are in fact a number of apple orchards people can visit and pick their own apples. Apple Creek Orchard in Ferndale, WA, for example, is open daily to the public and provides guests with buckets and carts to hold the apples. Other farms like Jones Creek Farm has an annual Harvest Festival in October with farm tours, hay rides, fresh cider, apples and pumpkins.

So, whether you want to take a trip to the farm or down the road to the local market, be prepared for some freshly-picked, juicy apples! 

Here is an article I found that lists several farms you can visit.