Our Story

Apple-A-Day was started in Yakima, Washington in 2009 by two entrepreneurial college sisters studying at Washington State.

Go Cougs!”

The Idea

The idea for Apple-A-Day dates back to 2002 while the sisters' father was waiting on a client for his insurance business. He noticed a cooler with bottled water and a basket of apples offered to customers - the idea was planted! Once his daughters were in college, he presented the idea and they decided to make it a reality.

The Beginning

For three years, the sisters made sales in Yakima, their hometown, and surrounding cities during the summer months. When it was time to head back to school in the fall, a driver was hired to make the weekly apple deliveries year round. 

The Expansion

After the eldest sister Danielle graduated from WSU in 2012, she and her classmate Lexi decided to bring Apple-A-Day to the Greater Seattle Area. They quickly realized how much potential and opportunity there was in this new market. As they gained more clientele and listened to their customers' needs, Apple-A-Day has since expanded into delivering other seasonal fruit along with the apples.

Currently, Eastern Washington clients continue to stay happy & healthy as Apple-A-Day's delivery driver, Zach, makes his weekly fresh fruit deliveries. In Western Washington, Danielle, Megan and Lexi are committed to working hard, growing the business and providing excellent customer service, all while creating healthier lifestyles for people in the workplace.









               "It's not work if you love what you do."      









Meet Our Team!

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